KMG SLIP-STOP : Palletizing SLIP-STOP System
It has been very important to move the large quantities of product safely and swiftly in time.
However, accidents often happen to fall or slip off the freight while it is moving so that it cause s damage and loss.
It has used expensive and dangerous stretch wrapping or PP banding to prevent the pallet loads from slipping or falling.
However, it has wasted large amount of money because of the expensive facilities, consumables and overconsumption of electric power.
Furthermore, not only it needs another expense to handle the solid waste but it cause the environmental pollution because of difficult and unsuitable treatment and recycling after using them.
However, if you use the PALLETIZING SLIP-STOP developed by state-of-the-art biotic and environment-friendly product. You can minimize the expense with high efficient productivity and prevent the industrial waste meeting with GREEN ROUND specifications.

KMG INC. has manufactured and provided the liquid Slip-Stop and assembled and provided the "GPU-100," which is automatic sprayer with error rate of "0," so we present advanced and environment-friendly techniques for decreasing distribution cost by using PALLETIZING SLIP-STOP.

There are three methods for preventing slipping, which are SLIP-STOP SYSTEM, PP-banding, and Stretch Wrapping.



Stretch Wrapping


 - Simple constitution - MT automatic sprayer + "SLIP-STOP" liquid

 - Easy spraying solution of non-toxic, water-soluble, neutral, and liquid state on normal temperature.

 - Conveniently installable and safely usable MT automatic sprayer in any places and for any body

 - Unlike PP banding machine and wrapping machine, it gives slip-stop effects immediately after loading.

 - Secure SLIP-STOP effects give prompt and safe transport for freight

 - It is easy to separate products, gives no damage no products surface, and maintains SLIP-STOP effects for remained parts in separation

 - Environment-friendly and clean production gives competitive power and good image to enterprise.

 - Already proved high-tech products through several years use by a number of companies

Comparative Table for SLIP-STOP, Stretch wrapping, and PP-Banding

Comparative Graph for Slip-Stop, Stretch wrapping, and PP banding


Many companies have replaced existing PP-banding and stretch wrapping with PALLETIZING SLIP-STOP and this change may be faster and faster. Decrease you distribution cost by applying SLIP-STOP SYSTEM to your company.




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